8 Day Switzerland Itinerary: The Ultimate Guide (2024)


Looking for the best Switzerland itinerary for your upcoming trip? You’re in the right place!

Switzerland is hands-down one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries that you could ever dream of exploring!

This 8 Day Switzerland itinerary includes a complete route guide and everything you need to know before you go, how to get around, the best places to visit, where to stay, and much more!

I’ve visited Switzerland on several occasions, so I think it’s safe to say that this is the only Switzerland travel guide you’ll need.

switzerland itinerary 8 days


Here is a quick overview of an ideal Switzerland 8 day itinerary that starts in Zurich and also finishes in Zurich.

  • Day 1: Zurich
  • Day 2: Luzern
  • Day 3: Interlaken & Lauterbrunnen
  • Day 4: Montreux
  • Day 5: Zermatt
  • Day 6: Glacier Express
  • Day 7: St. Moritz
  • Day 8: Zurich

This is the exact Switzerland by train route that I took, and although it was fast-paced, I found it to be a sufficient amount of time in each location to see the highlights.

If you have more time up your sleeve, feel free to add an extra day in each location, or venture to some other destinations not mentioned in this guide such as Bern and Geneva.

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Arriving in Switzerland by plane is the easiest and most convenient way to begin your adventures in this picturesque country.

If you plan on following this exact itinerary, then your best bet is to fly into Zurich International Airport (ZRH) and begin your trip around Switzerland from here.

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switzerland itinerary, swiss itinerary, 8 day switzerland itinerary


I have put together this 8 Day Switzerland itinerary based on my trip around the country by train using the all-in-one Swiss Travel Pass.

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Swiss Travel Pass

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Once you have purchased the Swiss Rail Pass to travel Switzerland, you’ll receive an email with your ticket and further instructions for activating your pass and reserving seats on trains.

I also recommend downloading the SBB Mobile App on your smartphone from the App Store. You can use this app to check all train, bus, and boat timetables in Switzerland when you’re on the move.

switzerland itinerary, swiss itinerary, 8 day switzerland itinerary
Switzerland by train itinerary


I recommend spending at least one week in Switzerland and, if possible, following this Switzerland travel blog 8-day itinerary.

While it’s not enough to explore each corner of the country, you can definitely fit all the most beautiful places, including Zurich, Zermatt, Lauterbrunnen, Lucerne, and St. Moritz.


The best time to travel Switzerland depends on what you plan to do.

I personally prefer the spring and summer months in Switzerland (April – September) when temperatures are warm and the landscapes are vividly green.

Note that when planning a Switzerland in June itinerary, accommodation prices will be higher since it’s the peak season.

My personal recommendation will therefore be to plan a Switzerland in September itinerary.

Alternatively, when planning a Switzerland October itinerary, you’ll get better prices for flights and accommodation, which is a good option.

However, visiting Switzerland in winter (December – March) is absolutely magical because the landscapes are completely covered in glistening white snow.

Visiting Switzerland in winter means you have to opportunity to go skiing in the Swiss Alps.

All in all, it’s a year-round destination suitable for all types of travelers in every season making it easy to plan your Swiss trip itinerary.

switzerland itinerary, lauterbrunnen
Switzerland in Winter


Switzerland is a globally renowned country, well-known for its magnificent mountainous terrain and breathtaking alpine views.

It has also established itself as an industrial and financial powerhouse in Europe.

As a member of the United Nations, Switzerland is considered to be one of the most prosperous and stable countries in the world – with its citizens enjoying higher GDP per capita than many other nations.

On top of that, it’s known for its neutrality policy, which kept the country out of war since 1505.

Lastly, of course, Switzerland’s national dishes, such as fondue and raclette, only add a delicious layer to the trip!

switzerland itinerary



The currency in Switzerland is the Swiss Francs (CHF) and the exchange rate is approximately $1 USD = $1 CHF.

All businesses accept debit and credit cards, and there are plenty of ATM machines around the country should you wish to withdraw any cash.


When you arrive in Switzerland, you’re going to want to get online, and purchasing a sim card is very simple. You can do this at the airport on arrival at one of the retail stores.

Alternatively, I recommend purchasing an eSIM in advance with pre-loaded mobile data so you can get online as soon as you land and stay connected on your Switzerland trip.


The weather in Switzerland can be very sporadic so be sure to pack suitable clothes for all seasons and be prepared for unexpected changes during your ultimate Switzerland itinerary 8 days.

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The first leg of this 8 days Switzerland itinerary begins in Zurich, where I recommend boarding a train at Zurich International Airport or Zurich Hauptbahnhof Train Station bound for Lucerne, which is a short one-hour journey.

There is no validation required for your Swiss Travel Pass, simply jump on board the train.

When onboard, a ticket inspector will ask to see your Swiss Travel Pass or fare card as well as your passport or ID card, so make sure to have these documents handy on the train.

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Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, Lucerne is a must-see on any Swiss itinerary!

I have put together a separate guide on the best things to do in Lucerne which I highly recommend checking out.

Read It Here: 15 BEST Things To Do In Lucerne

I don’t want to crowd this blog post with every attraction in Lucerne, so below you will find a taste of the top 3 things to do in Lucerne.


When you arrive in Lucerne on day 1 of your Switzerland itinerary, I recommend checking out Chapel Bridge.

It’s the most iconic attraction in Lucerne and the oldest wooden bridge in Switzerland, dating back to the 14th century.

Chapel Bridge Lucerne stretches 200 meters across the Reuss River and attached to the bridge is an old water tower that served as a dungeon, an archive, and a treasury vault in medieval times.

It’s free to walk over Chapel Bridge and remember to look up to discover the colorful old paintings on the underside of the roof.

switzerland itinerary
Chapel Bridge Switzerland


A boat trip on Lake Lucerne is a must on your 8 days in Switzerland itinerary.

With the Swiss Travel Pass, you can take a round-trip boat ride on Lake Lucerne which is the best way to see the region at a slow pace.

There are daily departures on Lake Lucerne, usually every hour during the day. Just head down to the ferry terminal located across the road from the Lucerne Main Train Station and jump on board when a boat arrives.

Before boarding, you’ll be asked to show your Swiss Travel Pass and possibly your passport or ID card as well, so make sure to have these documents handy.


Enhance your experience in Lucerne by embarking on one of these 3 top-rated tours, ensuring you make the most of your visit.

switzerland itinerary
Lake Lucerne – Swiss itinerary for 8 days
switzerland itinerary
Cruising on Lake Lucerne


Mt Rigi, also known as the queen of the mountains, is a large mountain range in the Lucerne region and a must-see during your visit.

The best way to get to Mt Rigi, using the Swiss Travel Pass, is to take the one-hour boat ride from the Lucerne Ferry Terminal and get off at Vitznau.

From here, there is a special cog-wheel train that will take you up to the summit of Mount Rigi. This was my favorite part of the adventure as I was able to hang outside the windows of the cog-wheel train to take photos!

Panoramic views await at the summit of Mt Rigi, overlooking three lakes and phenomenal alpine peaks in the distance.

If you want to grab lunch or a beer you can simply pop into one of the hotel restaurants on the mountain and most have outdoor terraces with stunning views.



There are hundreds of accommodations in Lucerne, so I’ve handpicked some of the best in town that you’ll find here below for the perfect 8 day itinerary Switzerland.

Luxury: Lucerne Lake View Apartments

Offering stunning lake views, free wifi, and just walking distance to the center of the city, this 5-star accommodation is hard to beat!

Each apartment is fitted with a balcony, fully-equipped kitchen, dishwasher, sofa, TV, dining room, washing machine, private bathroom with a bath, fridge and freezer, microwave, and coffee machine.


Mid-Range: Hotel De La Paix

This 3-star hotel is located right in the heart of town, just a 200m walk to the old quarter in Lucerne, and close to various restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops.

There are single, double, and triple rooms available and breakfast is included for all guests.


Budget: Barabas Hostel

I personally stayed at Barabas Hostel, located just ten minutes walk from Lucerne Train Station.

Barabas Hostel is one of the coolest and most unique hostels in Luzern, the reason being that it was once an old prison.

The dorms and private rooms are the same rooms where prison inmates used to sleep back in the day (much cleaner and refurbished of course).

A buffet breakfast is also included with the room and the staff are overly helpful with their knowledge of the best things to do in Luzern and that’s definitely a great base for your Switzerland tour itinerary.

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Continue your 8 day Switzerland itinerary from Lucerne to Interlaken using the Swiss Travel Pass.

Interlaken is the gateway to the Jungfrau Region and Bernese Oberland and a good location to base yourself when visiting Lauterbrunnen Valley, which is also referred to as The Valley of 72 Waterfalls.

Also, it’s worth noting that the Swiss Alps in the Jungfrau-Aletsch is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you’ll easily understand why when visiting.


From Interlaken East Train Station, using the Swiss Travel Pass, you can take a train to Lauterbrunnen Station.

The train takes only twenty minutes and you can disembark right in the center of Lauterbrunnen village.

zurich to lauterbrunnen
Lauterbrunnen Valley



Take a morning train on day 2 of your Swiss itinerary from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen and from the station, it’s an easy walk through the village to a number of different scenic viewpoints of Staubbach Falls and upper Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Staubbach Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls I have ever seen! These glacial falls gush down from the 300m high peaks and emerge into the river that cuts through the village of Lauterbrunnen.

After taking some photos of the falls from Lauterbrunnen village, follow the road down till you reach the base of Staubbach Falls.

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You can walk up the stairs and into a man-made grotto that leads behind Staubbach Falls.

From inside the grotto, peering out looks like a scene out of Jurassic Park, without the dinosaurs, unfortunately!

The view of the distant glacier-filled valley is mesmerizing and so insanely beautiful that you’ll feel like you are standing in a real-life postcard.

On a clear day, you can spot paragliders and base jumpers soaring around in the skies above and countless waterfalls flowing heavily over the edge of the towering cliffs into Lauterbrunnen Valley.

There is also an easy walking trail to the next village that will take you past several more Lauterbrunnen waterfalls and vast meadows.

switzerland itinerary, lauterbrunnen
Staubbach Falls in Lauterbrunnen


Trümmelbach Falls can be found in the heart of Lauterbrunnen. They are the world’s only glacier waterfalls that are accessible underground by lifts, tunnels, paths, and platforms.

There is an easy walking trail from Lauterbrunnen Village that will take you through vast meadows in the direction of Trümmelbach Falls.

Trümmelbach Falls carries the water from the glaciers of Jungfrau down to Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Up to 20,000 liters of water travel through the falls per second, they are a sight and a sound to behold.

This is one of the top things to see in Lauterbrunnen during your visit!


While I encourage you to do a Switzerland DIY itinerary, I recommend taking your experience in Lauterbrunnen further with these 3 top-rated tours to make the most of your visit:

lauterbrunnen 14 e1589509348276
Trümmelbach Falls


This delightful village of Mürren lies at the very end of Lauterbrunnen Valley, filled with traditional chalets and idyllic village life.

And for the ultimate free and easy Switzerland activity, wandering around Mürren is a great idea!

You can jump on the public bus No. 141 which runs from Lauterbrunnen to Mürren every thirty minutes.

The bus departs from outside Lauterbrunnen Railway Station or you can hail it down on the main road near Trümmelbach Falls.

The bus journey time is around twenty minutes. Click Here to see Lauterbrunnen Bus No. 141 timetables.

Mürren offers a peaceful atmosphere with beautiful restaurants and cafes offering traditional Swiss dining and is also a great starting point for hiking, cycling, or skiing trails.

things to do in lauterbrunnen, lauterbrunnen switzerland, lauterbrunnen valley, murren
Mürren Village


Once you have visited Mürren, next on the list of places to see in Lauterbrunnen is Mount Schilthorn, a must-see location on your one-week Switzerland itinerary or even longer.

Head to Stechelberg Gondola Station which is located in Mürren at the base of Mount Schilthorn and using the Swiss Travel Pass, you can ride the gondola all the way up to the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant.

Note: Without the Swiss Travel Pass, a return trip on the gondola from Stechelberg to Mount Schilthorn will set you back 105 CHF ($105 USD).

Get the all-in-one Swiss Travel Pass!

Swiss Travel Pass

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Mount Schilthorn is a popular ski field in Lauterbrunnen if you wish to spend a day skiing in Lauterbrunnen.

Though if skiing is not your jam, you can still head up to the famous Piz Gloria viewpoint regardless to enjoy the view.

If you are a fan of James Bond 007, Piz Gloria located on the top of Mount Schilthorn is where one of the original 007 movies was filmed back in 1969. Expect to see James Bond memorabilia galore at Piz Gloria.

Aside from this, there is a 360-degree viewpoint at the summit of Mt Schilthorn, and the Piz Gloria revolving restaurant features floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering extensive views of the Swiss Alps in the Jungfrau Region.

Also, if you are not afraid of heights, I dare you to take the knee-jittering thrill walk around the front face of Mount Schilthorn.

switzerland itinerary, mount schilthorn, mt schilthorn, swiss travel pass
Mt Schilthorn
things to do in lauterbrunnen, lauterbrunnen switzerland, lauterbrunnen valley, murren
Top of Mount Schilthorn


Before the day is out, ride the gondola back down to the Stechelberg Gondola Station and jump on the public bus No. 141 to return to Lauterbrunnen Station.

Disembark from the bus and walk down into Lauterbrunnen Railway Station. Ask one of the staff members at the station which platform you need to wait on to take the train to Wengen Village and they will point you in the right direction.

The iconic yellow train will take you up and over the mountainside to Wengen Village which is located in the opposite valley and it’s one of the best places to see in Lauterbrunnen!

There is another ski field at Wengen Village if you visit Lauterbrunnen in winter and from the town, you can enjoy another perspective of the Swiss Alps in the Jungfrau Region.

There is an old church in Wengen Village which is a great vantage point to get some photos of the village and surrounding mountains.

I recommend spending an hour or so wandering around Wengen Village and seeing how the locals live their lives up here on the mountainside.

switzerland itinerary, swiss travel pass, wengen village
Lauterbrunnen to Wengen train
switzerland itinerary, swiss travel pass, wengen village
Wengen Village


If you are a thrill-seeker looking for the ultimate experience and the best views of the valley then this activity is one of the best things to do in Switzerland.

Flying over the Lauterbrunnen U-Valley, you can book an all-inclusive tandem paragliding experience.

Flying tandem with an instructor allows you to focus purely on the flight. Full safety equipment and an experienced pilot are part of this must-do activity.

The tour takes care of all other logistics offering pick-up from your Lauterbrunnen hotel to the launch site and even a post-flight drink included.

The experience will cost you around $225 and can be booked online in advance.

It lasts for around 1 hour and 30 minutes and you can expect to take in all of the aerial views of breathtaking Lauterbrunnen.

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lauterbrunnen 3
Paragliding in Lauterbrunnen


There are many designated hiking trails in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland catering to every ability!

Some of the best trails to take when hiking in Lauterbrunnen are:

  • Path to Murren through Blumenthal takes you through the Flower Valley.
  • The iconic Eiger trail, a high route brings you right in front of the famous Eiger Nordwand.
  • The trail to Wengen ascends most of the way but gives you glimpses of the Breithorn and Staubbach Falls cascading into Lauterbrunnen Valley.

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lauterbrunnen 7
Lauterbrunnen hiking

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There are nearly 60 cycle routes dotted around Lauterbrunnen with something for every ability, ranging from the peaceful and relaxing to the hair-raising and thrill-seeking kind. 

There are trails allowing you to cycle to most of the surrounding villages including Grindelwald, Wengen, and Gimmelwald as well as routes to take in all of the iconic mountains surrounding the valley including Jungfrau, Eiger, and Breithorn.

Lauterbrunnen Valley is a must for any cycling enthusiast, and enjoying the trails on your Switzerland summer itinerary is an excellent option.

lauterbrunnen 13
Cycling in Lauterbrunnen – Switzerland September itinerary


Skydiving in Interlaken is one of the best experiences you can have during your visit to Switzerland and I guarantee you will remember it for a lifetime!

What better way to finish off your adventures than tandem jumping out of a helicopter from 15,000 feet, freefalling over the magnificent mountains in the Jungfrau Region?!

The Swiss skydive masters make sure your safety is their number 1 priority. All tandem instructors are trained, licensed, and experienced to ensure you have the most incredible experience knowing that you are completely safe at the same time.

One of the best parts about skydiving here during your Swiss Alps itinerary is the phenomenal view from 15,000 feet in the air!

But don’t get too comfortable, because your instructor will shortly be opening the doors of the helicopter to take the leap.

Can you think of a more exciting activity to take in Switzerland in 8 days? I certainly can’t!

lauterbrunnen 2 1
Helicopter Skydiving


Luxury: Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel

This 5-star hotel is centrally located between two beautiful lakes in the picturesque town of Interlaken.

Victoria Jungfrau Hotel features a spa, swimming pool, sauna, and steam room. WiFi is free and breakfast is included for all guests.

The spacious rooms have elegant interiors and marble bathrooms, boasting views of the snowcapped mountains in the Jungfrau region.


Mid-Range: Hotel Interlaken

Hotel Interlaken is where I based myself for one night because it’s conveniently located just five minutes walk from Interlaken East Train Station and a twenty-minute train ride to Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Hotel Interlaken is the perfect accommodation for couples, families, solo travelers, or friends, featuring large rooms, mountain views, and a delicious buffet breakfast.

4558 16020419510039655319

Budget: Valley Hostel

If you would prefer to stay in Lauterbrunnen as opposed to Interlaken, Valley Hostel is your best option for cheap accommodation.

Located in the heart of Lauterbrunnen Valley, this hostel is within walking distance of nearby waterfalls, retail shops, restaurants, and the main train station.

Valley Hostel offers dorms and private rooms to suit every traveler’s needs.

1 62 e1609480432497

For All Other Places To Stay In Interlaken, Search On Booking.com


On day three of your itinerary, check out of your hotel in the morning and find your way to Interlaken East Station to take the train bound for Montreux.

I highly recommend taking the Belle Epoque train on the Golden Line for an unforgettable experience on your Swiss itinerary for 8 days.

Also, make sure to book your Golden Line pass beforehand, especially during the peak season.

The Belle Epoque is an absolute charm that will take you on a timeless journey between Zweisimenn and Montreux.

switzerland itinerary, montreux, things to do in montreux, swiss travel pass, switzerland travel itinerary, belle epoque, golden line pass
Belle Epoque train


Montreux is a beautiful little town located at the eastern end of Lake Geneva.

There is a strong French influence in Montreux, from the architecture to the people and a pleasant vibe fills the air.

One of the most relaxing things to do in Montreux is to take a stroll along the promenade that lines the water’s edge of Lake Geneva and enjoy the calmness of the lake and the impressive mountainous hills that surround it.

Dozens of bars and restaurants are dotted along the promenade, perfect for lunch or dinner with a view.

If you are up for a small adventure, take the local bus south to Chateau De Chillon, just fifteen minutes ride from Montreux.

Chateau De Chillon is an island castle located on the waters of Lake Geneva, an old medieval fortress that is now a museum.

The Swiss Travel Pass also gives you access to 500 museums in Switzerland and Chateau De Chillon is one of them.

There is the option of an audio headset tour when you visit Chillon Castle or you can just simply explore inside the walls at your own pace.

When planning a Switzerland in October itinerary, I also recommend saving one hour for the Maison Cailler Chocolate Factory, where you can taste all the best treats in the country!

switzerland itinerary, montreux, things to do in montreux, swiss travel pass, switzerland travel itinerary
Chateau De Chillon
switzerland itinerary, montreux, things to do in montreux, swiss travel pass, switzerland travel itinerary
Sunset on Lake Geneva – 8 Days in Switzerland


Luxury: Montreux Apartment On The Lake

These 5-star apartments are equipped with two bedrooms, flat-screen TVs, and fully equipped kitchens with a dishwasher, fridge, and microwave.

If you want to splurge a little in Montreux and make the most of your 8 days itinerary in Switzerland, this is the perfect accommodation for you!


Mid-Range: La Rouvenaz Hotel

If you are looking for mid-range accommodation I highly recommend staying at La Rouvenaz Hotel during your visit to Montreux.

It boasts incredible lakeside views, a central location, a reputable restaurant, and comfortable rooms.


Budget: Montreux Youth Hostel

Montreux Youth Hostel is the best bang for the buck, located just a few steps away from the lakeside promenade and a few hundred meters from the train station.

There are dorms, private double rooms, and family-sized rooms available with free WiFi and breakfast included.

323693 1212100807009248714

For All Other Places To Stay In Montreux, Search On Booking.com


Continuing on to days 4 and 5, enjoy a slow morning in Montreux before taking the train to Zermatt train station around lunchtime.

This train journey takes approximately two hours and thirty minutes, passing by beautiful farmlands, vast mountains, and deep valleys.


Zermatt is home to the iconic Matterhorn mountain which stands at a dominating 4,478 meters at its highest peak!

This one-of-a-kind destination is NOT to be skipped on any Swiss itinerary.

The Matterhorn is known all around the world for its unique pyramid shape and the famous Toblerone chocolate takes inspiration from the Matterhorn mountain.

To get atop the mountain, you’ll have to take the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car – the views on the way are incredible!

Apart from the incredible Matterhorn, Zermatt is renowned for skiing, climbing, and hiking all year round and the Walker’s Haute Route is definitely a site to behold.

If you love skiing or snowboarding, Zermatt is definitely the place to do it!

If you’re not a skier, it’s still possible to ride the world’s highest gondola to the Glacier Paradise Station at the top of the mountain regardless.

On a clear day, the panoramic views of Zermatt and the surrounding mountains are absolutely insane!

Note: The Swiss Travel Pass does not cover this gondola ride so you’ll have to purchase a ticket at the gondola lift station upon arrival or book online in advance here below.

If you didn’t have time for it in Lauterbrunnen, I highly recommend going paragliding in Zermatt, which is an activity you’ll never forget!

I recommend spending one day on the mountain and the second day exploring Zermatt’s main street, Bahnhofstrasse, which is filled with retail shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, and an awesome apres-ski scene!

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glacier express, switzerland itinerary, glacier express switzerland, landwasser viaduct, zermatt, matterhorn
The iconic Matterhorn
glacier express, switzerland itinerary, glacier express switzerland, landwasser viaduct, zermatt, matterhorn
Town of Zermatt


As Zermatt is one of the most popular destinations in Switzerland there are hundreds of hotels, resorts, chalets, and lodges to choose from.

However, I have narrowed it down to a few of my recommended places to stay in Zermatt.

Luxury: Grand Hotel Zermatterhof

Absolute luxury can be found at the Grand Hotel, boasting three restaurants, a spa, a swimming pool, and a sauna – the perfect way to warm up after a day on the slopes.

The rooms and suites are beautifully furnished and most have a phenomenal view of the Matterhorn. The best part is the free wine and fruits upon arrival!


Mid-Range: Schlosshotel Life & Style Zermatt

One accommodation I can highly recommend in Zermatt is the Schlosshotel, a short two-minute walk from Zermatt Train Station.

I personally spent two nights here at the Schlosshotel and I can’t recommend it enough!

The staff members were super lovely, the room was very cozy, and it had an incredible view of the Matterhorn.

The hotel also features a sauna, spa, and an indoor heated swimming pool, and the buffet breakfast is to die for!


Budget: The Matterhorn Hostel Zermatt

Enjoy easy access to the ski slopes and hiking when you stay at The Matterhorn Hostel.

A fun and friendly hostel with clean, comfortable rooms and a bar and restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and something to drink.

This is by far one of the best hostels in Zermatt.


For All Other Places To Stay In Zermatt, Search On Booking.com


This leg of the Switzerland travel itinerary is an experience you will never forget.

The Glacier Express is an unforgettable eight-hour journey through the Swiss Alps, connecting Zermatt to St. Moritz and it is by far one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

Top-to-bottom glass windows offer panoramic views, lunch is served to you in your seat and there is also a bar for refreshments on board the Glacier Express.

Note: The Glacier Express is included in the Swiss Travel Pass though you must make a seat reservation at an additional cost which you’ll have to book online in advance.

When purchasing the pass, choose your desired day of travel, make seat reservations, and get a discount using the Swiss Travel Pass.

You’ll most likely arrive late into St. Moritz and there won’t be much daylight left to explore so my recommendation is to head straight to a hotel and rest up and feel fresh for the following day.

glacier express, switzerland itinerary, glacier express switzerland
The Glacier Express
glacier express, switzerland itinerary, glacier express switzerland
Onboard the Glacier Express


If you’re up for an adventurous on your Switzerland trip itinerary, disembark the Glacier Express at Filisur Station, which is a few stations before St. Moritz, and head over to the famous limestone bridge known as the Landwasser Viaduct.

This impressive 6-arch curved bridge boasts 65-meter tall pillars and a freshwater stream runs right beneath it.

From Filisur station, it’s approximately a forty-minute walk to get to the Landwasser Viaduct and there are a few good viewpoints to take photos.

One is down by the freshwater stream directly beneath the bridge and the other can be found up a dirt trail to the very top of the mountain to get a birds-eye view of the bridge.

The top viewpoint is by far the best spot to take photos of the train as it passes over the Landwasser Viaduct.

Click here or on the map below for the exact directions from Filisur Station to the Landwasser Viaduct.

switzerland 2
Directions to Landwasser Viaduct
glacier express, switzerland itinerary, glacier express switzerland, landwasser viaduct
Landwasser Viaduct


Luxury: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

A luxurious 5-star resort located in the center of St. Moritz, featuring six restaurants, an indoor pool, and free shuttle services.

Elegant rooms overlook the surrounding mountains, each with its own flat-screen TV, private bathroom, comfortable beds, and even a butler upon request!

In summer there is a tennis court for guests to enjoy that, funnily enough, turns into an ice skating rink in the winter. How freaking cool is that?!

50885 1201041714005532856

Mid-Range: Hotel Piz St. Moritz

Both stylish and elegant, Hotel Piz is a 3-star hotel located close to the city center that features a pizzeria, free wifi, a sauna, and a steam room.

The rooms are spacious, each with its own TV, lock safe, and private bathroom.

Guests staying longer than two nights at Hotel Piz in summer will receive free tickets for the cable car, cog railway, and funicular.

225541 16040818490041402995

Budget: St. Moritz Youth Hostel

Offering panoramic views of St. Moritz, the best feature of this hostel is the games room offering billiards and table tennis.

There are dorm rooms and private double rooms available that are bright and modernly furnished. This is the best place to stay in St. Moritz on a budget!


For All Other Places To Stay In St. Moritz, Search On Booking.com


This Swiss travel blog wouldn’t be complete without St. Moritz – a dreamy city located on the far eastern end of Switzerland.

It is here where the notion of winter holidays was born and its stunning imagery is jaw-dropping.

This place is as good as it gets and one of my favorite places I visited on this Switzerland itinerary.

I am impressed by how active all the locals are here – mountain bike riding, hang gliding, skiing, snowboarding, kite surfing, and sailing on the lake.

One of the best things to do in St. Moritz is to ride the famous Bernina Express train through the snowy mountains to a place called Alp Grum.

The journey takes approximately one hour until it reaches the top of the Bernina Pass at Alp Grum.

Note: The Bernina Express is included in the Swiss Travel Pass though you must make a seat reservation at an additional cost which you’ll have to book online in advance.

Visit the Bernina Express website to choose your desired day of travel, make seat reservations, and get a discount using the Swiss Travel Pass.

There is not much more than a restaurant and bar up here at Alp Grum, but the views of nearby glaciers in the mountains are stunning!

Take the Bernina Express back down to St. Moritz to spend the second last day of your travel itinerary for Switzerland exploring this beautiful lakeside town.

glacier express, switzerland itinerary, glacier express switzerland, landwasser viaduct, bernina express
The Bernina Express
switzerlannd itinerary 3
The picture-perfect St. Moritz
glacier express, switzerland itinerary, glacier express switzerland, landwasser viaduct, bernina express
Alp Grum


The last leg of the journey is taking the train from St. Moritz to Zurich which takes approximately three to four hours depending on which connection you take.

Zurich offers a great street scene in the old town with dozens of shops, cafes, and small cobblestone laneways and there are also a number of historical sites to visit if you have the time on the last day of your 8 day Switzerland itinerary.

If you are interested in seeing all the sites in one day, see below for the best Zurich City Tours.

Zurich City


To end this Switzerland trip blog, let’s go through the best accommodations in Zurich to consider for your stay.

Luxury: Park Hyatt Zurich

A contemporary 5-star hotel located in the heart of Zurich’s commercial district and within walking distance of the Bahnhofstrasse shopping street.

The rooms are very spacious with high-speed WiFi and there are restaurants, bars, and lounges inside the Park Hyatt.

Perfect for couples wanting a luxurious and unforgettable experience in Zurich.


Mid-Range: Motel One Zurich

An excellent 3-star hotel located in one of the best areas of the city.

There is free WiFi, private rooms with bathroom ensuites, and flat-screen TVs, and all of this is just within walking distance of Zurich’s main attractions, which is great for your itinerary for Switzerland.

2182143 17081005170055277972

Budget: Zurich Youth Hostel

One of the best hostels in Zurich with a modern design, various cuisines, and a cozy bar.

Its great location is just a stone’s throw from the lake’s shore and walking distance to train stations. Other features include a sunny courtyard and bright brooms.

With dorms and private rooms available, it’s the perfect place to stay in Zurich for travelers on a budget and to end this 8 nights Switzerland itinerary.


For More Options, See My Complete Guide On Where To Stay In Zurich


Click here or on the image below for an interactive map of the country and plan the best itinerary for Switzerland.

switzerland map


When visiting Switzerland, here is a list of items I highly recommend adding to your travel packing list.

Must-Have Travel Essentials

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I hope you enjoyed reading this Switzerland blog post and if you have any questions at all about this Switzerland itinerary, please leave me a comment below this post and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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129 thoughts on “8 Day Switzerland Itinerary: The Ultimate Guide (2024)”

  1. Dear Jonny, your itinerary and comments are awesome, it has helped me a lot to design a 5-6 days trip to Switzerland between 20-25 Feb 2024 for my family of 6 people. My initial plan was:
    – Day 0: Our family visits friends and travelling from Vietnam to the UK, ends up in Edinburgh.
    – Day 1 (sleep at Interlaken): Flying from Edinburgh to Geneve airport before noon (Zurich already sold out), take a train to Interlaken. Going to visit Crash Landing On You filming site and around the town.
    – Day 2 (sleep at Zermatt): Take a train to visit Lauterbrunnen in the morning. Take a train to Zermatt trying to arrive before sunset (so can see the Matterhorn from the hotel)
    * If day 1 was not too tired, can try to do Lauterbrunnen so day 2 can leave early in the morning for Zermatt.
    – Day 3 (sleep at St Moritz): Take the Glacier Express from Zermatt to St Moritz.
    – Day 4: I want to take the Bernina Express to Alp Grum and back to St Moritz in the afternoon so we can take a train to Zurich to have a full day 5 in Zurich. However, it looks like Bernina Express only ride at late afternoon.
    Day 5: Zurich
    Day 6: Zurich – Paris
    Day 7: Paris
    Day 8: Leaving Paris back to Vietnam
    Can you please advise:
    1. Should I skip Zurich for one more day in either Interlaken, Zermatt or St Moritz?
    2. Can I take other train than Bernina Express to Alp Grum because I don’t want to see the stunning view in the dark.
    Many thanks

    • Hi, thanks for reading and glad this itinerary of switzerland has helped with your trip! This itinerary looks great. I personally would skip the city (Zurich) for an extra day in Interlaken, I would suggest checking out Grindelwald a nearby valley. And yes there are other regional trains that you can take to Alp Grum. Hope this helps and enjoy!

  2. Hi Jonny, excellent writeup! Thanks for framing it well and convincing us to go Switzerland, it worked! Can you advise if this itinerary works for Pre Xmas to early Jan period ie 24 Dec to 2 Jan? Will it be busy at those locations or packed on the train and I reckoned most of the place should be open? If we want to ski for a day or 2, are these 2 places recommended? We are thinking of something like below:

    * Day 1: Zurich – Luzern (stay Luzern)
    * Day 2: Interlaken & Lauterbrunnen (stay Interlaken)
    * Day 3: Skiing in Lauterbrunnen (stay Interlaken)
    * Day 4: Zermatt (stay Zermatt)
    * Day 5: Skiing in Zermatt (stay Zermatt)
    * Day 6: Glacier Express (stay St Moritz)
    * Day 7: St. Moritz (stay St Moritz)
    * Day 8: Zurich(stay Zurich)

    • Hi Derick, you’re going to love Switzerland, glad you found this guide useful! That itinerary looks perfect and yes you can go skiing in Lauterbrunnen (ski slopes in Lauterbrunnen itself include Murren and Wengen, and then you have Grindelwald which is a nearby valley from Interlaken) and of course Zermatt has plenty of ski slopes. Xmas and NY is one of the busiest times so I recommend booking all accommodation in advance, you can refer to my guide on places to stay, and also get the Swiss Travel Pass as mentioned in this guide, and you’ll want to pre-book the Glacier Expresse in advance too. Hope this helps and enjoy 🙂

      • Thanks for the great advice!. As we have difficulty trying to secure hotels in Zematt and St Mortiz in Dec because we are a large group of 5, will it make a difference if we do a clockwise route starting Zematt first (3 nights), then Morteux (1 night) , then Interlaken (3 nights), ending with Lucerne last(2 nights) ? We arrive into Zurich Early morning and depart Depart Zurich 10.35am.

  3. Hi Jonny
    Thanks for sharing your travel guide!
    I’m travelling in early June and have some similar itinerary as yours.
    If I were to take the glacier express from Zermatt, how best can I get to Zurich on the same day (evening) if I do not stay in Chur or St Moritz? As I was hoping not to miss landwasser viaduct while on the glacier express, the travelling route gets a little complicated .
    Would appreciate your kind advice . Thank you.

    • Hi Choo, thanks for reading, i hope it has helped plan your trip. Upon reaching Chur or St Moritz, you can catch a direct train to Zurich. Check the train schedules in advance on the SBB website to ensure there is a suitable connection for your evening arrival in Zurich.

  4. Thank you so much for your helpful info about Switzerland. If we want to spend about 8 days in Switzerland but we don’t want to spend every night in a different hotel, which location would you suggest to use as a base? We’d prefer just 1-2 hotels. Would that be possible to see some part of Switzerland just out of 1-2 locations?

    • Hi Marina, in your case I would suggest staying in three different locations, firstly in Interlaken, then moving onto Zermatt, and finally St. Moritz and after that end your trip in Zurich.

  5. Hello Jonny, Planning on doing your trip next June 23 with the 15 Swiss rail pass. As we are coming from Australia and will be away for 6 weeks our cases will be large and as we are 65 we don’t want to drag our cases from train station to motels. Do the motels do pick ups?

    • Hi Catherine, yes not a problem at all with the large cases. You can either contact your hotel directly before you arrive and request a pick up or from the train stations you’ll find taxi’s to take you to your hotel. Have a great trip!

  6. Hi

    Love this itinerary! I hope we have 8 days to spend in Switzerland but we only have 6 days. We’d love to hear your suggestion on how we can shorten your 8-day itinerary and still be able to see Matterhorn, scenic falls, paraglide ( 🙂 ) and ride the trains (such as Glacier Express and similar)?

    Thank you so much and hope to hear from you!

    • Hi Lani, I’m glad to hear that you love the itinerary for Switzerland! Here’s a suggested plan for your 6-day visit:

      Day 1: Arrival in Zurich and explore the city and its highlights… Day 2: Travel to Lucerne and spend the day exploring… Day 3: Interlaken and Paragliding – take an early train to Interlaken for paragliding in the morning and then explore Jungfraujoch and Grindelwald… Day 4: Lauterbrunnen Valley… Day 5: Zermatt and Matterhorn… Day 6: Glacier Express from Zermatt to St. Moritz.

      I hope this helps and enjoy 🙂

  7. Is ski / snowboarding possible in early August anywhere in Switzerland?
    Also, do you recommend not going to Geneva?

    • Hello Munira, unfortunately it’s not possible to ski in August anywhere in Switzerland as this time of year is still very much summer. I do recommend Geneva if time allows, it’s a very charming city with lots to enjoy, and the lake Geneva is right there of course. Enjoy your trip!

  8. Absolutely love your itinerary. I found it very informative and I have planned our family trip around it. My husband and I are traveling with our 7 and 9 year old girls and are planning on making Lucerne home base. We are driving from Paris to Switzerland and then head to South of France hence found it easier to rent a car. Reading your response to your comments, it appeared you have also done a road trip previously. Any adjustments to your itinerary you will recommend knowing we will have access to a car? Is it still worthwhile to get a swiss pass also? Thank you

    • hi Kenny, thanks for the feedback, super happy to hear you found this Swiss itinerary useful. I responded to you in a seperate email, but yes, you can follow this same itinerary by car and you may also like to check out some other places like Grindelwald (near Lauterbrunnen), Bern, Davos, and on your way down to France definitely check out Valle Verzasca near lake Locarno on the Italian border.

      For your case, the Swiss Half Fare Card would be the better option. Here is a blog post with more details about the swiss travel pass and other alternatives: https://www.jonnymelon.com/swiss-travel-pass/

      I hope this helps and enjoy!

      • Thank you for replying to my recent message. I am using your itinerary and it has been working quite well. Decided to go with a 4-day Swiss pass rather than half fare Swiss pass since plan on just using the train (parking car in the hotel) a lot in those 4 days and honestly love the convenience of not buying a ticket.

  9. Hi Jonny,

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. Love it! With your post, i really safe a lot of time planning my trip to Switzerland at the end of July. As i am going in summer time, which places should i skip as i might not see the nice scenery cover by snow? Alp Grum? And which places i must go in summer time.

    Appreciate your advice. Thank you!

    • Hi Elaine, I’m glad to hear that my Switzerland itinerary has been helpful for you in planning your trip to Switzerland. Alp Grum is a beautiful destination to visit during winter when it is covered in snow, but during summer, it’s equally picturesque with lush greenery and stunning views of the Bernina Range. There are several other places you can visit in Switzerland during summer that offer breathtaking views and experiences. Some must-visit places include Grindelwald, Interlaken, Lucerne, Rhine Falls, Geneva, and Zermatt. I hope this helps and enjoy!

  10. Hi Jonny,
    This is such a detailed and easy to read itinerary, thank you. We are considering this trip for Early July.

    I’m having trouble finding out whether the GoldenPass Belle Epoque trip from Interlakken to Montreux is included with the Swiss Travel Pass- Can you confirm? If it;s not included do you know how much it costs pp?

    Also, what are the main differences between 1st and 2nd Class travel within the Swiss Travel Pass scheme? It would be an additional £500 to travel 1st class so is it good value in your opinion?



    • Hi Fran, regarding the Golden Pass Belle Epoque trip from Interlaken to Montreux, it is not included in the Swiss Travel Pass. However, you can still receive a discount on the ticket with the Swiss Travel Pass. The cost of the ticket varies depending on the time of year and the class of travel. It’s best to check the current prices and availability with the railway company.

      As for the differences between first and second-class travel within the Swiss Travel Pass scheme, first-class generally offers more spacious seats, more legroom, and larger luggage space. Some trains also offer amenities such as complimentary drinks and snacks. It’s worth upgrading if you value the extra space and amenities!

  11. Hi Jonny, thank you so much for your perfect 8 days itinerary. I has been reading several itineraries so far you are the best! Btw, just curious is all boat, ferry and train operate during winter? As I plan to visit Switzerland in Dec. Looking forward to your favourite response.

    • Hey Jimmy, thanks for your positive feedback and I am super happy to hear you found my swiss itinerary to be the best. From what I know, yes, boats, ferries, and trains operate year-round in all seasons. There may however be reduced services during weekdays and some transport options may not operate in bad weather conditions. I hope this helps and enjoy your trip 🙂

  12. Thank you so much for this DETAILED itinerary. This is super helpful. My son and I are planning a seven night trip in May. We have a night in Zurich, then a night in Lucerne, and three nights in Lauterbrunnen. Where would you recommend we go for our final two nights from there? We do not have a vehicle and fly out of Zurich on day 8.

    • Hi Kristen, sounds like a great plan! I suggest checking out Bern after Lauterbrunnen, it’s relatively close, and Bern back to Zurich is an easy route! Hope this helps and have a great trip!

  13. Hi Jonny,

    Thank you for your sharing. Lov it!

    With swiss pass, possible a day tour ftom zurich to reinfall to stein am rain to konstanz? Appreciate your advise.

    I will be staying in Soloturn. Can you suggest any day tour to nearby city aside Lucerne? Appreciate your advise.

    Many thanks !

    • Hello, thanks for your positive feedback, glad you love this Switzerland itinerary by train. Yes you can use the swiss pass for that route. And I can suggest visiting Bern from Solothurn as an alternative to Lucerne. Hope this helps and have a great trip!

    • Hi,

      Since we are moving hotel from one city to another city almost daily, which would you advise changing hotel at the eve in new city or check out from hotel early morning before embarking to new city? Read that most activities or adventure should start early morning?

      Appreciate your advise. Many thanks.

      • Hello, I suggest checking out of the hotel in the morning after breakfast. If your activity starts early, you can leave your luggage with the hotel reception, and pick it up before you depart onward to the next city. Hope this helps 🙂

  14. Thanks so much JonnyMelon for this wonderful article!! I’m going to use this as a framework for upcoming travel to Switzerland!!

  15. Hi Jonny – My husband daughter (adult) and myself are planning to the exact itinerary you did – Thank you for sharing

    We would like to only move to 3 hotels – we are ok doing a bit more train travel

    What are the 3 places we should stay ?

    Your help is much appreciated
    Thank you once again

    • You’re most welcome, thanks for reading and enjoying this guide to Switzerland. I would say Interlaken, Zermatt, and Lucurne would be the 3 main places. Have a great trip 🙂

    • Hi Lynn, yes exactly. Hotels will let you store your luggage if you arrive too early to check in and you can go explore for the day. Alternatively, you can find large and small storage lockers and most stations.

  16. Hi Jonny, we are planing a trip this Feb around 10th for 10 days – will follow your suggested iterinary, wanted to know how much travel time is required between each day. And do we move or need a hotel to be booked at each place or can we stay in one place and take trains around?

    • Hi Neil, the distance between each location is around 2 hours give or take, some less. I would suggest making a hotel reservation in each place as you don’t want to be backtracking to one hotel. Hope this helps and enjoy you’re Swiss itinerary!

  17. Hello Jonny. I am planning a trip to switzerland in early july- 2 adults and a 12 year old. We will be there for 9 nights. Our general plan is to use public transport: zurich to luzern,luzern to wengen(in this area for 4 nights), wengen to zermatt, zermatt to montreux, and then montreux to zurich. Is the swiss rail pass worth it? I guess it comes out to $845 USD for the three of us. Its hard to tally the individual train prices as its too far ahead. I would love your input! Thanks!

    • Hey Claudette, that sounds like an awesome trip! The Swiss Travel Pass is absolutely worth it for the number of trains you’ll be taking on your route and it also gives you access to museums and other perks. Individual tickets will add up to more than the Swiss Travel Pass. Hope this helps and have a great trip!

  18. Hi, I would love to know how do you get to Interlaken from Luzern? And from which station?
    Do we have to make a seat reservation like glacier express or should we just hop on to the Golden pass line and just sit wherever we want?
    Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hello, I would recommend taking the Luzern–Interlaken Express from Luzern station to Interlaken Ost station. No seat reservation is required and you can use the swiss travel pass. Hope this helps and enjoy traveling in Switzerland!

  19. We’re following this itinerary for our 8 day trip- in November ! thank you. however, we just realised the Glacier Express isn’t working until Dec 10.

    • Awesome, you’re going to have the best time following this Switzerland itinerary. Oh is that right, I was unaware of this, however, I believe there are other trains that you can travel on. Visit the SBB website to check available routes and timetables.

  20. Hi Jonny,

    This is probably the best itinerary for the Swiss which I have come across.

    We are a couple planning for a 8N/9D day trip in the 3rd week of Sept, we are going with the swiss travel pass for 8 days. Can you pls suggest 3/4 places to stay, asumming 2-3 nights per places which will be ideal to stay and travel acorss pls.

    Warm Regards,

    • Hey Manish, you are welcome!! Did you see the recommended hotels above which I have listed in the article, these are the places I recommend to stay on this Swiss itinerary! Enjoy 🙂

  21. Hi Jonny, I just came back from Zurich yesterday and it was only a 3 days trip. I am planning to go back next year to explore all the remaining items that you have got on your guide. 🙂 May I check which month did you go as there are snow and sun and everything inbetween, not sure if I have to pack winter wear as well, however I live in Dublin so its always raining here and i always have a jacket on.

    • Hi Kala, sounds awesome!! I’ve been to Switzerland in all seasons and I always have some clothing to be prepared for the unexpected cold, rain, and snow. Hope this helps and enjoy your trip to Switzerland.

  22. Hi Jonny

    Thank you for this detailed itinerary.
    Just perfect for a 1st visit .
    Just wanted an indication of how much is the additional cost to reserve a seat on the 2 train rides ie Glacier and Bernina express . Thank you

    • Hello, you’re very welcome. For the Glacier Express and the Bernina Express, you can find prices and timetables on their respective websites. Enjoy!

  23. Jonny, my wife and I will be visiting CH on a break-trip from India to the US. We will have 4 large and 2 small suitcases though! How do we manage with that? Any idea??

  24. Did you ever try going from Zermatt to St Mortiz using the normal train? Since I already have the Swiss Travel Pass, do not want to spend money on The Glacier Express. Also, for all normal trains, do I need to reserve seats, or I can sit any empty seats? Any experience a train is full and there is no seats? Standing allowed?

    • Hi Christopher, Yes there are normal trains available. You can search for all the info and timetables on the SBB website. Have a great trip!

    • Hello, I left around 9-10 am. Yes, I took one suitcase and one backpack around with me. Hope this helps and enjoy 🙂

  25. Hello! I’m planning a solo trip in September 2022 for my 60th birthday (husband and son might catch up with me later). As I read this itinerary, I’m not sure if you should stay in a different city each day, or there is a city where you base off the trips for several days. Can you elaborate on that? Ideally, I’d like to move twice, perhaps three times during the 8 days for maximum enjoyment. Thank you for the wonderful itinerary.
    Oh, also, are the youth Hostel’s only recommended for youngsters?

    • Hey there! This is quite a fast-paced itinerary for those that have a time constraint of around one week. I haven’t done any other route other than this one that I have written about so I can’t personally elaborate, unfortunately. Youth hostels in Switzerland are great for all ages. Have a nice trip to Switzerland 🙂

  26. Hi Jonny,
    Really loved your itinerary. Should I follow this since I would be visiting in month of July? Is it worth visiting Zermatt ?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Neeti, glad you enjoyed this itinerary, you’re going to love Switzerland! Yes, this would be a great itinerary in July, and 100% worth visiting Zermatt, the Matterhorn is so iconic and there are some half-day and full-day hikes you can do in the summer. Enjoy!

  27. Hi Jonny,

    What do you recommend for luggage? Since this a daily move from city to city, will you advise a backpack rather than a normal carry-on luggage. Me and my wife, both in early 50’s , plan to follow your itinerary. We plan to be mobile but unsure if backpacks will work for us.

    Thank you

    • Hi Gerry, I had one backpack and one suitcase and managed with this. A backpack would make it easier, but you shouldn’t have any issues with roller luggage. Enjoy 🙂

  28. Hi Jonny! For Day 2, is it possible to cover #1 to #5 all in a day? We are family with elderly, ok with short and easy walk. Thank you!

    • Hello, yes indeed, you could cover spots 1 to 5 easily in one day. You can drive through the valley if you have a car and each of these locations is very easy to reach with minimal walking. Enjoy 🙂

  29. Hai Jonny,
    Your itinerary help a lot… I just want to know the train belle epoque so I can took the train from Zermatt to Montreux? How to buy the ticket for belle epoque? I see in the website only destination info but we can’t choose the train

    • Hi Rina, for memory, you can ride the belle epoque on a standard train ticket. Search on the SBB website for the journey you wish to take and it will show you the name of the train and this is where you should be able to see belle epoque. I hope this helps and enjoy the ride 🙂

  30. Hi JONNYMELON.this is indeed an excellent blog regarding 8 days swiss travel itinerary.very compact,lucid ,filled with almost all the important informations which everyone ask from the google.am really excited.planning to visit next august last week,2020.

  31. Love your blog. am looking at staying in Switzerland for 4 days . Stay at Interlaken and travel to Lauterbreunen and jungfraugh and Thun . then to zurich and do a 1 day tour in zurich. should i still get the 8 day pass? what are other alternatives? Are individual train ride tickets a better option?

    • Hey, sounds like a great trip! Yes I would recommend the 8 day pass because it still works out cheaper than individual rides. Enjoy!

  32. hello. this is a very good itinerary and posting. i’m wondering if you could offer some advice. could this itinerary be applied in January or beginning of February trip? I’m not a winter sports fan but would love to hike if possible and go up to the alps.

    thanks in advance!!

    • Hmm I am not sure if you would be able to go hiking in the middle of winter, best to go around March – April when the snow has melted some.

  33. Hi Jonny! I am grateful for the itinerary as it helped a lot with my planning. Do you think Bern would be worth visiting too and any idea on the weather there in late April? Once again, Great help and may you have a blessed year!!

    • You are welcome! Yes Bern would be great, I didn’t make it there unfortunately but will have to go back and do it next time! End of April weather would be perfect!

      • Hi Johny,
        We are planning to travel next year April. If we follow your itinerary, do you advise buying a half fare pass instead?

        I read some other blogger recommended half fare pass

        • Hi Syleen, there are pros and cons to each but I found the Swiss Travel Pass to be the perfect one to get for this exact itinerary. If you’d like more detailed info I recommend a quick google search on half fare card vs swiss travel pass and hopefully this will help you make a decision! Have a great time on your Swiss itinerary 🙂

  34. Hi Jonny!! Thanks for the help on the Itinerary!! this is a huge help for me but I was wondering if Bern is worth the visit?? I am currently planning 9 days for Switzerland in April. TOP NOTCH itinerary!! God Bless!

    • Yes if you have extra days I would definitely include Bern on this itinerary. I haven’t been myself but it looks amazing! Enjoy!

  35. Hi! Enjoying reading your blog on Switzerland. I am going next month with a group of friends to celebrate my 40th. We are going to Montreux, Zermatt, Launterbrunnen, Lucern, and Zurich. I can’t wait. Two questions if you have time.
    1. Where was the picture “The beautiful town of Zermatt – Switzerland Itinerary” in the Zermatt section taken of the village. I would like to see the rooftops like that!

    2. Did you do any sledding/Tobogganing during your trip in the winter? If so, any recs? We aren’t big into skiing but love the outdoors!

    • Hi Jamie, thanks for reading and glad you found the guide useful! Ahh I really can’t remember the exact location of this photo but if you search Zermatt Matterhorn Viewpoint on Google Maps, that’s another popular spot to take photos. I didn’t do any tobogganing in Zermatt but I did see some others doing it so it is possible! Hope this helps and enjoy!

  36. Hello,
    Great article! Do you recommend a travel agent that would put this trip together, exactly how you described, for a small group? Thank you!

    • Hi Richard, glad you loved this article. I don’t know any travel agents in Switzerland I am afraid. This trip I went on was all DIY so this guide is based around that. I hope this guide is enough for you to make it work 🙂

  37. This was super amazing guide I have ever read on the internet. I am planning to go Switzerland between 27 Feb to 2 March 2020.
    The trip will like 2 days in Zurich and 2 days in Lauterbrunnen. I was planning to rent a car but it would be better to have Swiss pass for all train and other activities right?

    One question in my mind is; how much cold the weather at the end of Feb? Do you think we might able to explore places in that time.

    It would be great if you can share your comments.

    Keep up with good working!

    Mesut from Turkey 🙂

  38. i was planning for a family trip there, and luckily found this amazing informational guide…
    thanks a lot as this guide will help me for my family travel trip… briefly explained travel guide…!!

  39. Hi, I loved ur article, I’m staying in Lucerne on 26/27/28 December, but not yet decided where stay on 24/25 December with family . Kindly suggest best city at my train reaches at 3pm on 24th to BASEL from Paris.

  40. Hi Jonny,

    I am planning a trip in late October (28th) till 4 Nov. This was really helpful! Just wondering if you actually changed accommodation everyday. Or did you have a base city? I tried to follow your itinerary but found it really mind boggling to plan for daily check-in and check-out, though it may save some travelling time.

    • Glad you loved this article! I changed accommodations every day. You can definitely extend your stay in some of the places if you wish. Hope this helps and enjoy 🙂

  41. Hi Jonny,

    Thank you for wonderful post. This is really helpful to give us an idea when we planned for our trip few months ago.
    We decided to stay a couple days more and now we’re at the end of our trip. Our plan worked out really well cause of your posting.

  42. Excellent blog!! I’m here for work but I am planning to use the weekends to know CH! This was very helpful!
    Tomorrow I first expedition is to Luzern. From Wettingan to Luzern. I will do the three suggested things to do! I will let you know 🙂

  43. Hi Jon

    Thanks for the wonderful post. Silly question though, would you recommend driving or getting around by train?

    And also, would you recommend to pick a base area to visit and travel the Jungfrau region. For example. If i were to stay in Interlaken, could i make daily trips to Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald etc and back to Interlaken back at night? Or should i pick my stay at the specific places i wanna go.

    Thank you!

  44. Hi Jonny,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. Silly question though, would you recommend driving or getting around by train?

    And also, would you recommend to pick a base area to visit and travel the Jungfrau region. For example. If i were to stay in Interlaken, could i make daily trips to Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald etc and back to Interlaken back at night? Or should i pick my stay at the specific places i wanna go.

    Thank you!

    • Glad you love the article! Not a silly Q at all, in fact, I have road-tripped Switzerland and also done it by train, both offering a completely different experience! The train is scenic though limiting to where you can stop, whereas if you have your own car you can stop whenever you see an amazing viewpoint. So I can’t give you a solid answer on that one sorry. Yes, I would base in Interlaken and make the day trips to Lauterbrunnen from there, it’s only 20-minutes by car or train. I hope this helps and enjoy 🙂

  45. JONNY Great Blog. Your Trip covers 80% of places which we finalized before seeing your blog and we are now sure-we made right list. We are going in End october and are sad to learn that Glacier express does not run that time. Will normal trains cover same route or would be better to avoid St. Moritz if none of activities mentioned by you-are planned by us.

    • That’s great to hear, you’re going to love Switzerland! I am sure there are other normal trains that operate to St. Moritz, best to check on the sbb.ch website to see what’s available. Definitely try to make it to St. Moritz, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland!

  46. Hi Jonny, nice post you got there. Also planning to visit Switzerland one time. May I know what month you guys went? Seems like the perfect time to go since you get a mix of winter and still get to see some greens. Also, how much did you spend all in all for the trip, minus airfare and the Swiss Pass?

    • Hi Karen, you’re going to love Switzerland. I was there in March this year and also in July about 2 years ago. If you want to see snow and green on the same trip I recommend going in April/May. Not sure how much I spent, I didn’t keep track of that sorry. Hope this helps and enjoy!

  47. Amazing itinerary and pictures, this really helped me a lot for my next adventure. What camera did you use for this travel? or camera you use for most of your travel?

  48. Hi Jonny,

    Thanks for the post! Your detailed itinerary was very helpful. I’m planning to travel to Switzerland in Sept. I was wondering if you felt rushed traveling from place to place every day. I’m hoping to have time to fit in a couple of 2-3 hr hikes in Interlaken and Zermatt.

    • Hello!

      It was a little rushed but I wanted to see as much as I possibly could. It was the right amount of time to do the things that I did but if you want to throw in a hike you may need an extra day. Hope this helps and Enjoy! 🙂

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    Thanks a lot for this detailed blog…it’s really very informative.
    I am planning to visit switerzerland in September and i am going to follow your itinary….as it looks just how i would like to travel.
    I have a little question about baggage allowance in trains ..is there any limit for baggage.
    And also about Bernia Express…is it included in swiss pass

    • Hello, thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed this article. There is no maximum baggage allowance on all trains so feel free to take as much luggage as you like. And yes, the Swiss Pass includes the Bernina Express! Enjoy 🙂

  50. Hye.. I wanna use 8 days STP like what u did for my trip in September.. But I just wanna ask, how did u use Swiss Travel Pass for domestic trains? Did u just go to the station and showed them the pass or how? For example if I wanna go from Laguno to Grindelwald via train…

    • Hello, You can use the Swiss Travel Pass on all domestic trains. No reservations needed, just board the train and the ticket inspector will ask to see your ticket on the train. For more information click on the ‘swiss travel pass’ links in this article and visit the website. Hope this helps1 🙂

  51. Hi Jonny
    Thanx for sharing this wonderful experience. We are planning to go in end of september and have plans to pick up a swiss pass. Can you let me know any journeys that swiss pass wont cover.

    • Hell, you’re going to love it! I am not 100% sure whats covered and whats not covered outside of the exact itinerary in my article. Best bet is to click on the ‘swiss travel pass’ link in this article and all information can be found on their website. Hope this helps and enjoy Switzerland!

  52. Hi,
    Thanks for this amazing blog. It was very helpul. I’m planning to visit end of this month.I have the swiss pass, can you tell me please which rides weren’t included in the swiss pass and you need to pay. Like the cog wheel train, gandola to piz gloria. glacier paradise gandola,yellow train, bernina express.Also do you need to book seats in advance or you can get the tickets when you arrive there?
    Many thanks

  53. Great post! Planing eight day family vacation with 7 year old daughter for August 2019. Do you think your itinerary would be too much for an active 7 year old? If so, what would you take out and where would you spend more “down time”. We enjoy all things outdoors (biking, hiking, etc.) so any opportunities to enjoy those activities would be great. Thanks again for sharing your post!

    • Hi Mark, glad you like this article and found it useful. This itinerary is perfect for all ages and if you are interested in hiking and some more downtime, Lauterbrunnen is the place to do that. I hope this helps and enjoy your trip! 🙂

  54. This is so awesome. I’m visiting Switzerland in October and it’ll be my first time traveling alone so I was a little confused about how to get around but this really helped. Thank you!

  55. Great review!! but i am a little confused about the start and end point of the trip. I am planning to go in September. Your guide is to start off in Geneva but you mentioned flying into Zurich first. If so when i arrive, i will need to make a trip across the country first? since i would be leaving from Zurich as well.

    • Hi thanks for reading. I started the train journey in Zurich and ended in Zurich. I never went to Geneva… I hope this helps 🙂

  56. Enjoyed ur 8 days guide in Switzerland. Planning to go for abt 10 days end of Aug 19. This guide will be really helpful. We are coming from Asia/ Singapore. May I check if there are enough space for big luggage in all the trains?
    We loved the nature and hiking. Which location do you think best for us to stay a day or two longer for that? Zermatt ?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi and thanks for reading! Yes there is plenty of space on the trains for luggage! And I would recommend spending two days for hiking and exploring in Lauterbrunnen Valley! Enjoy!


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