4 Must-Do Hikes In Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Looking for some awesome hikes in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland?

I have put together this complete guide on the 4 Must-Do Hikes In Lauterbrunnen which includes some of the best Lauterbrunnen hiking trails with jaw-dropping scenery that will leave you in complete awe.

Also, at the bottom of this post, I’ve included some useful information on how to get to Lauterbrunnen, where to stay, the best time to visit, and more.

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See below for a quick overview of the 4 Lauterbrunnen hiking trails that you will find in this post.

  1. Wengen to Männlichen
  2. Mürren to Grutschalp
  3. Schynige Platte to First 
  4. Gimmelwald to Mürren


Männlichen has always been one of the better hikes in Lauterbrunnen where an upward trail leaves from Wengen via the Eiger Ultra Trail.

The full hike is 4.9 km and takes roughly 2 hours past some of the best scenery in the Lauterbrunnen region.

The route, however, is steep and narrow, and may not be the best hike for beginners (the downhill option is better here).

Männlichen is one of the newer cable car routes to be included on the Jungfrau Travel Pass as a stop between Grindelwald, Wengen, and Grund, and it’s possible to start at Männlichen Cable Car Stop for the final stretch known as The Männlichen Royal Walk.

There’s a nice crown at the top, and this Lauterbrunnen hike (or upward stroll really) is only around 20-minutes at the most walking there and then less back.

But many people will do similar where they take the cable cars to Männlichen before walking a more leisurely downhill route back to Wengen.

There is also an alternative option from Männlichen with a hike to the pass at Kleine Scheidegg (1 hour and 30 minutes) before following the downhill trek from Kleine Scheidegg (2 hours and 30 minutes) back to Wengen.

Again, this is a ridiculously scenic route and one of the best hikes in Lauterbrunnen.

Contributed By: Allan Wilson – It’s Sometimes Sunny in Bangor.

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Wengen to Männlichen
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Incredible views

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An easy but one of the most scenic hikes in the region is the one from Mürren to Grutschalp.

This Lauterbrunnen hiking trail starts beside the Mürren train station and gradually meanders down to Grutschalp via the hamlet of Winteregg.

The well-made path offers an interesting and panoramic route – alongside the railway line, through alpine meadows, and over rushing streams.

There are some wonderful viewing opportunities of the Eiger, Jungfrau, and Monch as you make your descent (or ascent) on this incredible hike.

The path is mostly flat and suitable for all ages and it’s recommended you allow around 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete this hike in Lauterbrunnen.

You’ll probably take longer though, as you’ll want to stop and admire the views!

If you are hiking in Lauterbrunnen during the summer months, a visit to the Alpkaserie Staubbach at Winteregg is a must. You’ll find Alpkaserie Staubbach near the Winteregg station.

This alpine cheese dairy sells the most delicious homemade yogurt and cheese straight from the farm gate.

You’ll pass the farmer’s cows as you stroll along the path so do yourself a favor and sample their products.

You can start this hike in either Mürren or Grutschalp and it’s a great way to do something active either before or after a visit to the Schilthorn

Contributed By: Carolyn – Holidays to Switzerland.

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Mürren to Grutschalp
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Scenic Lauterbrunnen hiking trails


Schnige Platte to First is one of the top-favorite hikes for travelers and is sometimes called the Faulhornweg, after the Faulhorn peak that you will climb as part of this hike.

It’s a fairly strenuous walk but definitely worth it, and is one of the best day hikes in Lauterbrunnen and arguably the whole Jungfrau region.

It takes about six hours to cover the 16 kilometers of the trail.

The tourism office promotes this hike by saying that you will see six pearls in six hours, such as;

  1. alpine flowers on the Matten
  2. the Loucherhorn
  3. the karst landscape in Güw
  4. the Sägistalsee
  5. the view from the Faulhorn
  6. the Bachalpsee

All of this mountain scenery is spectacular, but most people will agree that the best of the six is the view from the Faulhorn, with the Jungfrau massif on one side and Lake Brienz on the other.

And the endpoint at First is also breathtaking, with great views of the 3700-meter Wetterhorn peak.

Add another hour or two to the total time of this Lauterbrunnen hike if you choose to walk down from First to Grindelwald. The alternative is to catch the gondola, which costs 30 CHF.

There are also various activities available at First, like go-karts, a flying fox, and even hang-gliding that you might want to take advantage of if you still have energy left.

I recommend bringing a packed lunch with you on this hike, but if you want to eat afterward then Eiger in Grindelwald serves fresh, healthy food, including options for vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland.

Contributed By: Wendy Werneth – The Nomadic Vegan.

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Schnige Platte to First
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Awe-inspiring views

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Last but not least on this list of must-do hikes is the Gimmelwald to Mürren hike via The North Face.

I had visited Lauterbrunnen to go paragliding, but the region’s phenomenal hiking completely took me by surprise.

I was staying in the small town of Gimmelwald and paragliding took off in the nearby town of Mürren.

This being Switzerland, both towns were perched on the sides of the mountains.

Thus the most adventurous way to go between the two villages was to hike, and we opted for The North Face.

The North Face hike is a 7 km loop starting and ending in Murren, though you can also access it from Gimmelwald.

This hike takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete. Although ‘The North Face’ sounds intimidating, the trail is fairly flat and considered easy.

However, if you aren’t accustomed to hiking at high altitudes (like me), you will find yourself getting tired sooner than you would on hikes at home. Luckily, there isn’t a lot of elevation gain.

The hike is moderately trafficked, and we saw a few other hikers on this Lauterbrunnen hiking trail.

Far more often than hikers, we saw mountain vistas and yellow wildflowers on green pastures covered the foreground with old, wooden mountain lodges tucked away.

In the background were jagged, snow-capped mountains and a bright blue sky.

This hike is easier enough for beginner hikers to enjoy but offers views spectacular enough to make experienced hikers enjoy the route.

Contributed By: Mikaela Ferguson – Voyageur Tripper.

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Gimmelwald to Mürren hike
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Gimmelwald to Mürren
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A log cabin on the mountaintop

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Lauterbrunnen is located in the center of Switzerland in the Jungfrau Region among the Swiss Alps.

It’s set in a beautiful valley surrounded by monolithic cliffs and features countless glacial waterfalls.

Click here to see the location on Google maps.

lauterbrunnen map


There are many transportation options available when searching for how to get to Lauterbrunnen and it all depends on where you are traveling from within Switzerland.

I have gone into further detail in a separate blog post which includes all the transportation options on how to get here from 7 major cities within Switzerland.


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If you are visiting Lauterbrunnen Switzerland from the nearby city of Interlaken, there are hourly trains that depart from Interlaken East Train Station, and using the Swiss Travel Pass, taking a train to Lauterbrunnen Railway Station couldn’t be easier.

The train from Interlaken takes only twenty minutes and you’ll disembark right in the center of upper Lauterbrunnen Valley.


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The best time to visit depends on what you plan to do.

If you are planning on cycling or hiking, then you’ll want to time your visit during summer.

Note: Most of the Lauterbrunnen hiking trails are closed during the winter season.

I personally prefer the spring and summer months in Switzerland, which are April through to September, when temperatures are warm, and the landscapes are vividly green. 

If you don’t mind the cold, visiting in winter between December and March is absolutely magical because the mountains are completely covered in glistening white snow.

Visiting in winter also gives you the option to go skiing in the Swiss Alps.

switzerland itinerary, lauterbrunnen


There are dozens of accommodation options to choose from in Lauterbrunnen Valley and it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to stay.

To make your selection easier, I have narrowed it down to a few of the best hotels that are suitable for luxury travelers, budget backpackers, and everyone in between.








To find all other hotels in Lauterbrunnen, simply enter your dates of stay below and hit the search button!



I have visited Lauterbrunnen on two separate occasions, once in winter and the other in summer, so it’s safe to say I know this valley like the back of my hand.

To make the most out of your visit, I recommend spending around 2-3 days in Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Be sure to check out my complete Lauterbrunnen Travel Guide where you’ll find the top 15 things to do in Lauterbrunnen to help you plan your trip ahead of time.


switzerlannd itinerary


With so many sights and experiences to take in – from gorgeous valleys to glacial waterfalls and beautiful mountain ranges – it can be difficult to plan your trip.

Guided tours can be a perfect way to see the local area and have the on-hand experience with a knowledgeable guide to make your experience one to remember.

I have put together a separate blog post with further details on the best tours in the region.


lauterbrunnen 3
Scenic helicopter tour


If you’re feeling hungry and want to know where to eat during your visit, check out this post on the 10 Best Restaurants and Cafes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

This guide will help you narrow down your choices and it goes into more detail on what each restaurant has to offer.


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If you are planning a holiday in Switzerland, be sure to check out my other travel guides below that you might find useful while putting together your Switzerland itinerary!


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