Dao Falls In Cebu – 2024 Visitor’s Guide


A visit to Dao Falls in Samboan Cebu (also known as Dau Falls, or Dau Waterfalls) is one of the best adventures you can have in South Cebu in the Philippines.

The most famous waterfall in Cebu (and perhaps in all of the Philippines) is Kawasan Falls which is visited by more than 1000 people on a single day.

What most people don’t realize is that right around the corner from Kawasan is a series of other incredible off-the-beaten-path waterfalls, which are equally just as amazing with far fewer tourists.

Dao Waterfall is recognized as the tallest set of falls in the Samboan region and the jungle trail trek to get to these falls is an epic adventure in itself.

Here is your complete guide to visiting Dau Falls in Cebu including how to get there, how much it costs, and what to expect when you arrive.

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Let’s start this guide with all the essentials you should know when coming, such as the location, how to get there, and more.


Dau Waterfall is located in the Samboan Region in South Cebu, Philippines.

Click here to see the Dao Falls location on Google maps.

Samboan is 150 km southwest of Cebu City and public buses run every hour on a daily basis from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Moalboal. The cost of the bus is around 150 pesos.

Click here to check all bus routes, timetables, and ticket prices online, and book ahead of time to secure your seat.

Dao Falls Samboan Cebu is best visited from Moalboal, which is 53 km away and the drive takes around one hour and twenty minutes.

dao falls map
Dao Falls Samboan cebu map


The best way to reach Dau Waterfalls is to rent a scooter in Moalboal and make the drive south to Samboan.

There are many scooter rental stores located in Moalboal where you can get your hands on some wheels for around 400 pesos per day with a full tank of gas.

Alternatively, you can rent a car for the time you plan to spend in Cebu and travel around the island at your own pace.

scooter, bohol
Exploring Cebu by scooter – How to get to Dao Falls

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The Dao Falls entrance fee is 200 pesos which includes a guide and the parking fee is an additional 20 pesos.

The guide, in my opinion, was not really necessary as the trail to Dau Falls is clearly marked but the lady at the ticket counter insisted on it so I wasn’t going to argue the fact.

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The main falls – Samboan Waterfalls


  • Height: 120 meters – The highest waterfall in Samboan, Cebu
  • Swimming in Dao Falls: Possible in the emerald pool at the base
  • Access to Dao Falls Philippines: 30 minutes to 1 hour trek required. The trail may be slippery.


The trek to the fall from the parking lot takes around twenty to thirty minutes including stops for photos (and you don’t want to skip photos at Dao Waterfalls Ecoadventure Park!).

It isn’t a difficult trek by any means though do note that your feet will get wet along this jungle trail.

In most parts, it requires walking through knee-deep water and I recommend bringing a pair of slip-on waterproof shoes for these sections, and you might also like to bring a dry bag so that your belongings don’t get wet.

The first part of the trek consists of a concrete staircase with around 200 steps that lead directly down into the valley and once you reach the bottom, this is where the real adventure begins!

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Hiking to Dao Waterfall Samboan

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An impressive bamboo suspension bridge surrounded by coconut palms stretches across the river and on the other side is the beginning of the jungle trail to Dau Waterfall.

The bamboo bridge seemed a bit sketchy when we crossed it though our guide led the way so we trusted in his judgment.

It wasn’t till later that I found out there is another trail to the right-hand side of the bridge where you can cross the river safely, so this is also an option.

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The suspension bridge – Dao Waterfall trek

It wasn’t long until we were completely immersed in a dense jungle as we followed the canyon trail upstream which seemed to grow narrower the further we advanced. It was one of the most tranquil trails I have ever hiked along.

Vines cover the canyon walls and blue Gatorade-colored waters cascade seamlessly past us as we navigated our way toward the waterfall.

The adventurous hike to the falls, in my opinion, is what makes this location so unique.

There are many turquoise rock pools along the way that are well worth stopping at for a quick dip and this is where you’ll likely get your best photos.

How’s that as an alternative to Kawasan Falls?

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The trail to Dao Fall – Samboan Dao Falls photos

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Once you’ve passed this blue rock pool as shown in the images above, the main set of falls will soon be in sight as you continue along the stone staircase on the edge of the canyon.

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There are bamboo handrails to use as an aid because it gets a little steeper through this last stretch of the trail.

There is another tier of cascading falls in this section which forms a natural slide as it cuts its way down the canyon. It’s definitely too dangerous to enter the water here but it’s an epic spot to marvel at.

When you reach the top of the staircase you’ll be graced with the epic sight of Dau Falls which towers 50 meters tall above the large catch basin.

The pools at the base of the falls aren’t quite as blue as the ones on the way up but it’s still a worthy spot for a swim to cool off after the hike.

After a short swim here, we made tracks back to the parking lot and we tipped our guide 50 pesos for his efforts.

If you plan on visiting a lot of waterfalls in the Philippines, I recommend purchasing these three items:

  1. Waterproof Phone Case
  2. Waterproof Dry Bag
  3. Waterproof Shoes
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Dao Falls Cebu Philippines


If you’re up for a day of waterfall hopping, you can make a day of it from Moalboal and combine Dau Waterfall with Aguinid Falls and Binalayan Hidden Falls.

All of these Samboan falls can be found just one hour south of Moalboal. The road from Moalboal to Dao Falls is a little long but definitely worth it!

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Aguinid Falls


Moalboal has hundreds of accommodation options to choose from, so I have narrowed it down to a few of the best places to stay to fit the needs of budget backpackers, luxury travelers, and everyone in between.

See the list of accommodations below that I personally recommend:

Luxury: Dolphin House Resort Moalboal

Dolphin House is the best luxury accommodation in Moalboal, located a stone’s throw away from the ocean. Features included a pool, a restaurant and bar, free wifi, and ocean views.

There are double rooms, triple rooms, family rooms, and bungalows available at Dolphin House Resort.

It’s recommended for families, friends, or couples looking for a luxurious stay.


Mid Range: Pescadores Seaview Suites

One of the most recommended places to stay in Moalboal, Pescadores Suites offers double rooms, twin rooms, and a garden villa.

There is an outdoor swimming pool and sun terrace, restaurant, mini-market, table tennis, billiards, board games, karaoke room, and wellness spa.

It’s a great place to stay for friends or couples.

1806035 17011414290050319396

Budget: Chief Mau Hostel

The best budget accommodation in Moalboa and is centrally located just minutes from the beach.

Chief Mau hostel offers dorm rooms and private rooms with free wifi. The owner Trish is super lovely and goes out of her way to make all of her guests feel welcome and comfortable.

There is a shared lounge with hammocks, a billiards table, and an in-house restaurant and bar serving up the best western food in Moalboal.

For solo travelers, couples, or friends on a budget, this is the spot for you.






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  1. Hi Jonny,
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    Or, which would you pick for a 1-day scooter waterfall-hopping?

    • Hi Amit, for a day of waterfall hopping, you can combine Dau Waterfall with Aguinid Falls and Binalayan Hidden Falls. Tumalog Falls is a bit too far, and if you try to squeeze in Inambakan on the same day, you might not have enough time. It’s best to do all of these waterfalls over two days and I would suggest spending one night in a guesthouse or hotel in Samboan so you are closer to all the waterfalls. Enjoy 🙂


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