What To Pack For Mexico: 20 Must-Have Accessories


This is a complete guide on what to pack for Mexico!

Mexico has a lot to offer in terms of culture, food, and fun-fuelled adventures. But no matter how much you plan, there are always things you forget or don’t think about until it’s too late.

One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is by knowing what to pack for Mexico before your trip.

Read on, this Mexico packing list includes 21 items you can’t travel without, from clothes to electronics to toiletries and much more.

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With many water-based activities, beaches, and cenotes around the country, these few items listed below are not to be missed on your list of what to bring to Mexico.

Cenotes are one of the most thrilling and worthy places to visit in Mexico, so if you have included some in your bucket list such as the beautiful cenotes in Tulum, here are the following things you need.


Firstly on this Mexico packing list is a quick-dry towel which is super handy to dry off after having a good time at the beach or in the cenote waters.

A quick-dry towel is an excellent towel for travelers because it offers increased convenience compared to traditional towels that can take hours to dry completely.

Microfiber also absorbs water better than cotton, which means that your quick-dry towel won’t be as heavy and will typically feel less damp than a traditional towel.

In plain words, a quick-dry towel is exactly what to pack for Mexico.

Check Prices → Quick-dry Towel



Underwater cameras will help you capture precious moments while you are enjoying your water activities. Having this in your pack will help you recall the fun and exciting memories throughout your travels around Mexico.

My long-time favorite underwater camera is the GoPro Hero 9 Black, featuring a built-in GPS, and a touchscreen display and it can capture 4K footage at 60 frames per second, 1080p at 240 fps, and 720p at 480 fps.

Plus it’s waterproof up to 40 feet without adding an external case or housing and that’s exactly what you want when visiting the Mayan Riviera cenotes in Mexico, for instance.

All in all, these features make it a great companion to pack for Mexico.

Check Prices: GoPro Hero 11 Waterproof Camera

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Some cenotes in Mexico have rocks all over, and ensuring your safety from cuts and other possible accidents can be done by wearing a pair of slip-on water shoes.

This will also make your swim much more efficient and comfortable as you can conquer more around the surfaces both above and underneath the water.

Check Prices: Slip-on Water Shoes

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If you wear swimsuits, then you may want to consider purchasing a cover-up. This thing will help and make you feel comfortable exploring around, especially if there are lots of people.

Knowing what to pack for Mexico is one of the most popular accessories in a packing list for Mexico for women.

Check Prices: Swimsuit Cover-up


Lastly, a nice pair of sandals will make you feel comfortable while exploring Mexico. It will also provide you with additional fashion detail, making you stand out among the crowd.

After swimming around and enjoying your time, you definitely don’t want to ruin your shoes with mud, sand, or water. For this reason, sandals are simply one of the best things to pack for Mexico.

Check Prices: Sandals


Many people think packing for a trip to Mexico is as simple as putting some clothes and toiletries together, but it’s actually more complicated than you might think.

So before you head off on your Mexican vacation this year, read through this list of important electronics you don’t want to forget before you leave.


The BESTEK Travel Adapter is the most convenient accessory that combines worldwide standard outlets and converter plugs, so you can charge all your devices in one, anywhere you go!

This nifty little travel adapter has 4 USB ports as well as 3 sockets to charge up to 7 devices simultaneously. It also offers strong overheating protection to keep all of your devices safe when charging.

Check Prices: Universal Travel Adaptor


Mexico is an emerging country in terms of getting online with ease, but it is still convenient for you to set up your VPN. This will help you safely connect to online platforms, data, and social media.

Traveling can be a fun experience, but it’s not without its risks.

For example, you might need to use public WiFi at the hotel or at the airport and your data can be at risk. Luckily, VPNs can help you overcome these obstacles by connecting to servers outside of the country and encrypting your connection to protect your information from hackers.

My all-time go-to VPN is NordVPN and I also use it to access Australia’s and America’s TV shows on Netflix and that is certainly an advantage when backpacking Mexico.

Check Prices: NordVPN


I know I’m stating the obvious here, but bringing your camera with you on your travels will allow you to capture moments in both photos and videos during your Mexico tour.

Documenting your trip will enable you to share the fun times with your friends and family when you return home or in real time on social media.

Also, if you work on social media or are into blogging and want to shoot cool photos, bringing your camera will allow you to record the best moments whenever you see something interesting to share with your audience.

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You will also need lenses to exercise your media and technology skills. With lenses, you can explore different camera angles and tricks to elevate the quality of your captures.

If you use a Canon camera, make sure to check out the best Canon travel lenses that will enable you to take unique shots of Mexico’s beautiful landscapes on your trip.

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If you have the budget and want to make your coverage much better, you shouldn’t forget your drone. This will help you capture even hard-to-reach areas and give you a bird view of the place you explore.

Just be reminded that if your drone is over 250 grams, you must settle legal certification first from the Mexican government.

For this reason, and because you want to travel light, the best drone you can get is the DJI Mini 3 Pro – lightweight, with great image and video quality, and, above all, it supports up to 5 kilometers of distance.

If you’re planning to go to Mexico for professional reasons or if you’re a fan of drone shots, this is simply the best drone you can get your hands on.

Check Prices: DJI Mini 3 Pro

Take Your Photos & Videos To New Heights!


The DJI Mini 3 Pro is the most affordable, user-friendly drone camera suitable for all levels!

This travel-sized drone captures 4K/60fps video, 48MP photo, and has 34 minutes flight time.


Bus trips can be very long, especially in such a massive country as Mexico. This is why you want to take your Kindle along to find some distractions while on the bus or when joining a day tour around Mexico.

Read an ebook on the bus but also back at the swimming pool of your hotel or when bathing after a long day at the beach. Needless to say, a Kindle can quickly become your best friend when traveling through Mexico.

Check Prices → Kindle E-Reader



Chargers are needed to charge your mobile phone and other devices that you use throughout your journey.

There are several different types of chargers you’ll need to bring on your trip, depending on what type of battery life needs charging and what kind of plugs are available at your destinations.

For instance, if you’re coming from America, the plugs in Mexico are the same and, therefore, you won’t need any travel adapter.

But if you come from Europe, you will need a charger as well as a travel adapter. Also, if you have multiple devices, you will want to get a charging station in order to get the battery full on all of them at the same time.

The Hercules Charging Station is simply the best multi-device charging station you can get. You’ll be able to charge up to 6 devices at a time and that is definitely something to consider when traveling around Mexico.

Check Prices: Hercules Charging Station


In Mexico, the rainy and dry seasons have different effects on your travel essentials, so be sure to take this into consideration when deciding what to bring to Mexico.

This will help you pack efficiently and conveniently, letting you avoid bringing unnecessary things that do not match the season you are visiting.


If you are traveling by car or by plane, it’s a good idea to have a first aid kit with you. A first aid kit for travel can not only save lives but also help prevent injuries.

Even though you are on holiday, the consequences of certain accidents are still very serious.

The Johnson and Johnson first aid kit will quickly become your best friend on your vacation and it’s definitely your answer to what to pack for Mexico.

The 140-piece will keep you safe, will save you from tricky situations, and will relieve the headaches while on a bus trip for many hours.

Check Prices: First Aid Kit


When you travel, it’s invaluable to have something that can hold all your belongings.

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, having the right backpack ensures the safe conveyance of all your items; this includes documents, make-up kits, electronic gadgets, and any other paraphernalia you deem fit to bring with you.

Make your day tours convenient with a day pack where you place your daily essentials when you’re out and about.

The best travel backpack I could ever recommend is the Nomatic Travel 30L. The Nomatic backpack is designed with a theft-proof design and features an early warning system.

The inside of the bag is equipped with a computer sleeve that can hold laptops and tablets. It also has large pockets and crisscrossing straps for users to store items. This bag is ideal for traveling and commuting, but also for your daily life back home.

Check Prices: Nomatic Travel 30L


Rain jackets will help you keep warm during the rainy season, as well as keep you safe from bugs and mosquitoes from outside.

Imagine this – you’re planning a trip to Mexico and want to go see the Day of the Dead. You’ve been looking forward to this for months and as the day gets closer, you realize that some of the areas will be experiencing rain, so a rain jacket becomes your best ally quite fast.

Rain jackets are often underestimated but they can really help you when it’s pouring down outside.

Check Prices: Rain Jacket

rain jacket


A neck wallet is a different form of carrying your valuables when you are traveling. This will certainly make for easy transit of your money when traveling to Mexico.

After trying out several neck wallets, my favorite was by far the one from Zero Grid.

This is a compact yet convenient neck wallet you can put into your purse or backpack that has a hidden wallet to store your passport and other documents. It also features RFID blocking, RFID-proof zippers, and imitation cables for safety.

When you’re not using this product to store your passport, you can also use it as an organizer bag for headphones, chargers, make-up items, etc.

Check Prices: Travel Neck Wallet


This will help your hair remain healthy and smell good as you go out on an adventure around Mexico.

Having a long shower and keeping your hair nice and smooth isn’t always possible while traveling, especially on long road trips.

For this reason, a leave-in hair conditioner will help get you in a good mood without spending a long time in the shower before joining a day trip.

Check Prices: Leave-in Conditioner


While it’s obvious that bringing your passport is essential, travelers sometimes forget both and this quickly becomes a problem.

According to News 24, 57% are afraid to misplace their passport and miss their flight. On the other hand, 6% of the survey’s respondents claimed they missed their flight because of forgetting their passport.

My personal recommendation is to put your documents in a passport holder to remember to take them and keep them safe.

This Genuine Leather Passport Holder is exactly what you need. Available in multiple colors and with a sleek design, it offers RFID protection for your credit cards, and, needless to say, it’s a great advantage in Mexico.

Check Prices: Passport Holder


Mexico is hot, and that comes with no surprise. For this reason, a neck fan is another one of the accessories you should prepare when packing for Mexico.

You won’t feel as hot, you surely won’t sweat, and you’ll feel very comfortable for hours when outside.

The SWEETFULL portable neck fan is what you need to include in your packing list for Mexico. It is affordable, light enough not to add any uncomfortable weight to your shoulders, and, above all, it has a 4000mAh battery that will last for hours.

Check Prices: Neck Fan


Toiletries are a must when traveling and your usual toiletries can be found in the major cities around the country.

But, should you plan to travel to the countryside, toiletries are by far one thing that you should include in your packing list for Mexico.

Because you want to travel in style, the Herschel Chapter Toiletry Kit is one must-have accessory to pack for Mexico. Available in numerous colors and 2 different sizes – the 3L and the 5L – as well as being stylish, it is one of the best accessories to have.

Check Prices: Toiletry Kit


Mexico is a thriving country when it comes to technology. It isn’t only introduced but rather indulged in modern technology that makes it efficient for foreign travelers’ journeys.

These will be useful not only when thinking about what to bring to Cancun but also in other parts of Mexico.

Other than knowing what to pack for Mexico, these applications will definitely make your life easier in the country.


Uber is the leading service provider for American mobility. It is based in San Francisco and currently has over 900 operations in different metro cities worldwide, including Mexico. So, this app is helpful if you’ll rent a car for your Mexico trip. With Uber, you can see to it that you’ll have a ride anywhere you want to go without the hassle and tiredness of looking for transportation.


Restorando is an app used for efficient and hassle-free reservations for restaurant and bar seats. It has thousands of linked places to eat once you visit Mexico. You can visit taco houses, bars, and other restaurants to satisfy your travel cravings.


This mobile app is efficient when it comes to translating your language into another, such as Spanish. If you have a hard time communicating with the locals, this app will help you a lot.

I recommend downloading it slightly before leaving in order to learn a few sentences in Spanish and this will surely help you during your travels.


This is another app that you should download when you visit Mexico as it helps communicate with locals that don’t speak English. Needless to say, this will be helpful, especially if you go into rural areas or simply smaller cities around the country.

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