Secret Beach On Siargao Island – A Complete Guide


Secret Beach Siargao (also known as Guiwan Beach) is one of my favorite beaches on Siargao Island.

A short 15-minute drive south of General Luna, discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Siargao!

I have put together this complete guide to visiting Guiwan Beach including where to find it, how much it costs, and what to expect when you arrive.

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From General Luna, head south-east along Malinao-Union Rd towards Dapa Town.

At first, the road leads inland and then back down the mountain to the coast road and this is where Secret Beach Siargao can be found.

Click here to see the location on Google maps.

secret beach siargao map


One of the most common ways to get here is on a scooter. The cost for a scooter rental in General Luna is around 300-400 pesos per day, or for a monthly rental, you’ll get a cheaper rate of around 200-300 pesos per day.

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Most accommodations in General Luna will be more than happy to help you to organize a scooter rental for your time spent on Siargao Island.

We got lost a couple of times trying to find the turnoff for Secret Beach Siargao until a local man driving past stopped to point us in the right direction.

Also, if you see some other people with surfboards heading in the same direction, follow them as they will most likely be heading for a surf at Siargao Secret Beach.

I took a photo of the tiny little sign that is nailed to a palm tree at the entrance which reads Guiwan Surfing Area, so keep a sharp eye out for this sign along Union Rd. If you hit Dapa town you’ve gone too far.

secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiyan beach siargao, guiyan beach
The entrance to Guiwan Beach
secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiyan beach siargao, guiyan beach
The coconut forest
secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiyan beach siargao, guiyan beach
Drone shot of the beach


It’s an easy 10-minute walk from the main road down to reach the shoreline at Guiwan Beach.

We parked our scooters on the side of the road and followed the dirt trail that threads between a forest of tall coconut palm trees, eventually emerging at the beautiful Secret Beach Siargao.

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We threw down a rug on the sand, waxed up the surfboards, and paddled out. There wasn’t much swell around on this day but it was so refreshing to jump in the crystal clear water.

When there is swell, there are two right-hand point breaks at Guiwan Beach, more suited for longboarding.

secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiyan beach siargao, guiyan beach
Arriving at Secret Beach Siargao
secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiwan beach siargao, guiwan beach
Palm tree fringed shoreline

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After a surf, Jake climbed one of the palm trees along the beach and harvested us all a coconut each!

The palm trees have foot holes cut into the sides of their trunks making them quite easy to climb if you are willing to scale one to the top for a fresh coconut.

We spent a couple of hours here exploring the coastline, drinking coconuts, and then witnessing an unforgettable sunset over the horizon.

secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiyan beach siargao, guiyan beach
Waiting for the waves
secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiyan beach siargao, guiyan beach
Siargao Secret Beach
secret beach siargao, siargao beach, guiyan beach siargao, guiyan beach
Sunset at Secret Beach Siargao

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General Luna is the place to be when searching for the best places to stay in Siargao!

There are hundreds of accommodation options to choose from, so I have narrowed it down to a few of the best places to stay to fit the needs of luxury, mid-range, and budget travelers.


Nay Palad Hideaway offers the most luxurious, all-inclusive island resort that you may be seeking, with choices of a sea view room, a garden view room, or a luxurious villa.

Features include an outdoor swimming pool, a private palm tree-fringed beach, an in-house restaurant, a games room with billiards and table tennis, and more!

Guests can also make use of the complimentary paddleboards, surfboards, kayaks, and bicycles, and even jump on board an island-hopping tour.



Ferra Resort Siargao is popular among most travelers visiting the island due to the prime beachfront location at an affordable price!

Features include well-kept gardens, a private beach area, and BBQ facilities, and all beachside bungalows have air conditioning and a balcony.

It’s the perfect place to stay for couples, friends, or families on a mid-range budget.



Mad Monkey is the most popular hostel in Siargao, centrally located in General Luna. It’s just a 7-minute walk from the famous Cloud 9 surf break and other nearby attractions.

The hostel features a tiki-themed bar, a restaurant, and a swimming pool, and the dorm rooms have air conditioning and free Wi-Fi for all guests.

For backpackers, solo travelers, and surfers on a budget, this is the place for you!


For More Options, See My Complete Guide On Where To Stay In Siargao


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