On occasion, I work with brands, tourism boards, and other travel-related companies to share with my readers products, destinations, and services. When working with these companies I may receive compensation for my involvement. I am usually compensated with flights, accommodation, tours and/or money in return for my work with these companies.

When I am working with a tourism board or company, I will always give my readers my honest opinion of my experiences of a destination or the quality of a product. Rest assured, I only promote products and services that are high quality and bring the most value to my readers.

These affiliate partnerships are one of the main income sources that helps me to be able to keep the site up and running for my readers to enjoy.

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I am a participating member of the Booking.com Affiliate Program.

I include accommodation recommendations in the majority of my destination guides, ultimately trying to help my readers find the perfect place to stay based on my experiences.

If you do click through one of my Booking.com links and proceed with an accommodation booking, I will receive a small commission made from that booking and at no extra cost to you.


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