Day Of The Dead Festival In Mexico City


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The Day Of The Dead Festival, also known as Dia de Los Muertos, is a huge celebration each year in Mexico that falls on Halloween.

The significance of the festival is for friends and families to gather around to remember loved ones who have died and to help them with their spiritual journey.

In Mexican culture, death is viewed as a normal part of the human cycle and on the day of the festival, it’s not a day of sadness but rather a day that they celebrate because their loved ones awaken and celebrate too!

This year I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Day Of The Dead Festival which was sponsored by Flowhaus in order to share my experience in this Instagram-worthy destination!

Flowhaus put on this Content-Fest for myself and other influencers to be able to attend the Day Of The Dead Festival in Mexico City and create content for our global audiences. It was also a great opportunity to meet with brands face to face, such as Viadora our apartment sponsor, who provided a 3 days and 3 nights package deal which made the entire event exciting, hassle-free, and one to remember!

My friends and I stayed at the Felix Residence in Condesa which is one of three properties that Viadora has in the city, the other two are Frida and Mathias.

Here’s how it all went down…

Day of the Dead Parade IMG 7165


When we arrived at Felix Viadora I finally got to meet Hank, the Founder of Flowhaus, who was working behind the scenes putting this ‘Content-Fest’ together for us! It was really great to finally see this project come together after months of planning and promoting before arriving in Mexico City!

Shortly after, our host kindly checked us into our apartment and gave a complete rundown of the must-see attractions over the course of the 3-day event.

The apartment we had was a full-floor, 3 bedroom boutique apartment that felt more like home than a hotel. Modern furnishings with beautiful decor, huge bedrooms with spacious ensuites, a fully equipped kitchen with cold beers in the fridge haha, and a decent-sized balcony offering views of the Condesa neighborhood.

We spent the afternoon hanging out in the apartment before heading up to Felix’s rooftop terrace and bar for the Day Of The Dead Welcome Party with delicious finger food and tequila tasting. It was a night that won’t be forgotten too soon!

viadora apartments mexico city 2

viadora apartments mexico city 19


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The following day we ventured into Coyoacán to check out the festivities that were happening over there. Coyoacán is also home to the world-famous Frida Kahlo Museum, which unfortunately was sold out and we weren’t able to go inside. I did, however, take a shot of the entrance to the museum and grabbed a fresh coconut from a street-side vendor.

Coyoacán is a beautiful little neighborhood and very lively, especially during Dia de Los Muertos. There were street decorations everywhere you looked, people dressed up in Halloween costumes with full face paint, street food vendors on every corner and the beers were flowing at the bars!

We strolled around the Jardin Centenario park for a while, letting the buzzing atmosphere sink in, and then we all decided to go sip on some Micheladas. If you don’t know what a Michelada is, it’s a Mexican alcoholic drink that is a mix of beer, lemon juice, salt, and bull sauce. It may not sound that inviting, but once you try one you can’t stop!

After an enjoyable afternoon exploring Coyoacán, we jumped in an Uber and made tracks back to Felix Residences for yet another boogy up on the rooftop terrace and just in time to see the sunset. Flowhaus put on another epic spread of corn chips and guacamole, craft beers, and of course, Mezcal!

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day of the dead festival 12

day of the dead festival 16

day of the dead festival 13



The morning began with everyone who was staying at Felix Residences getting their faces painted and ready to hit the streets to see the official Day Of The Dead Parade!

It was a slow morning for me as I had one too many tequilas the night before haha but I managed to crawl out of bed and join everyone to head into the city for the Dia de Los Muertos celebrations!

I couldn’t believe the hundreds of thousands of people that filled the streets of Mexico City, dressed head to toe in an array of creepy costumes and face paints! It was so busy that, unfortunately, we didn’t catch a glimpse of the actual parade but I had some friends who were lucky enough to see the whole thing and share some photos with me to post on here.

The parade itself is a massive street performance displaying large skeleton puppets, traditional dancers, moving altars, catrinas, skulls, and much more! It’s a sensory overload, in a good way!

We knew the parade would finish at Plaza la Constitucion in Zócalo so we made tracks there and joined in on the festivities when we arrived. The entire main square in Zócalo was filled with streamers, alters, lots of flowers, and many locals and tourists were gathered here with ear-to-ear grins!

Following the Parade, Flowhaus hosted one last event at a rooftop bar in Zócalo with cocktails, music, and good times!

day of the dead festival 22 e1573662759842

day of the dead festival

day of the dead festival 25

day of the dead festival 10

day of the dead festival 26


The following shots of the Day Of The Dead Parade were taken by my good friend Maartje Hensen from Once Upon A Journey.

Day of the Dead Parade IMG 5217

Day of the Dead Parade IMG 5502

Day of the Dead Parade IMG 7460

Day of the Dead Parade IMG 5199



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As a first-timer to the Day Of The Dead Festival, and not knowing much about it prior, I couldn’t have pictured a better way to spend Halloween and to learn more about the significance of Dia de Los Muertos.

I will definitely be coming back in the years to come and hopefully do it all over again with Flowhaus!

I honestly can’t recommend these Content-Fest’s enough to any influencers who are interested in creating content for their audiences at Instagram-worthy destinations around the world.

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