Balangan Beach In Bali – A Complete Guide


Balangan Beach (Pantai Balangan) in Uluwatu is one of the most picturesque beaches in Bali and it’s easy to see why!

This stunning beach became very popular when a photo taken on the cliffs went viral on Instagram and it’s now one of the most visited beaches in Uluwatu.

I have put together this complete guide to Pantai Balangan including how to get there, the best time to visit, and what to expect when you arrive.

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Balangan Beach can be found on the southwest coastline of the Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu, South Bali.

It lies roughly halfway between two other very popular beaches known as Dreamland Beach and Tegal Wangi Beach.

Click here to see the location on Google maps.

balangan beach map


If you are staying in the Uluwatu region, I recommend renting a scooter and making the short drive over to this location.

For those of you who are coming from Kuta, Seminyak, or Canggu, it’s approximately a 1-hour to 1.5-hour journey to reach Pantai Balangan.

Don’t feel confident riding a scooter? Another great option for getting around Bali is to hire a private car and a driver for the day and experience all that the island has to offer.


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  • Hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • Drinking water
  • Petrol


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Pantai Balangan


Another alternative when planning a trip to Uluwatu is to book a full-day tour to experience the best beaches in Uluwatu and other popular attractions in the Bukit Penisula.

This Full-Day Uluwatu Tour includes a pick-up and drop-off from your hotel and the places you’ll get to visit are Pandawa Beach, Melasti Beach, Padang Padang, Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Fire Dance, and a seafood dinner on Jimbaran Beach.

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When you arrive at the parking lot on the edge of the cliffs at Pantai Balangan, you’ll have to pay a small parking fee of 5,000 IDR for a scooter and 10,000 IDR for a car.


Once you have parked up, follow the dirt trail around to the right which leads you to the Instafamous viewpoint overlooking the beach.

To get down to the shoreline from the top of the cliffs, there is a set of concrete stairs that lead straight down to the beach from the main parking lot.

balangan beach, pantai balangan
The parking lot
balangan beach, pantai balangan
The stairs to the beach

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I have visited this beautiful beach on several occasions and have put together this list of fun things to do on your next visit to this awesome location.

  • Take an Instagrammable photo on the cliffs
  • Explore the caves and small hidden temples on the rocky headland
  • Hang out with the local fisherman on the north-end cliffs
  • Surf some waves at the popular Balangan Surf Point
  • Drink a coconut under the shade of an umbrella
  • Watch the sunset from the cliffs
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Photo spot on the cliffs
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Golden sands
balangan beach, pantai balangan
Rocky caves
balangan beach, pantai balangan
Enjoying the view at sunrise


Keen on a paddle? Surfboards can be rented from one of the many surf shacks located along the shoreline for as little as 50,000 IDR for two hours.

One of my personal favorite spots to surf in Uluwatu is right here at Balangan Surf Point.

Whether it is low tide or high tide, the Balangan surf break has a long left-hand wave that breaks off the point and right into the bay.

Post-surf, you can sit under the shade of a beach umbrella along the beach which costs around 50,000 IDR for a couple of hours, or the whole day if you wish.

Believe me, it gets very hot down on Pantai Balangan and you’ll want to retreat out of the sun and rehydrate with a fresh coconut!

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The point break at Balangan Surf
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Drone shot of Balangan
balangan beach, pantai balangan
Left-hand point break
balangan beach, pantai balangan
Pantai Balangan

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Balangan is not only a popular spot for keen surfers and landscape photographers, but it’s also a location where hundreds of wedding shoots are held.

Each time I have visited I have witnessed many wedding photoshoots on top of the cliffs using props such as old muscle cars and flowered archway arrangements.

If you are looking to get some photos of the beach from the cliffs, you need to be swift so as to not get in the way of these wedding shoots.

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A wedding shoot at Pantai Balangan
balangan beach, pantai balangan
Aerial shot of Balangan


Thanks to Bali’s tropical warm climate, this beach can be visited year-round.

The months between April to June are usually the ones with the least rain, making them the best but also the busiest time to visit.

The best time of day to visit is early to mid-morning once the sun is already up and it reaches this side of the Bukit Peninsula.

It’s busiest during the middle of the day and early afternoon. Sometimes it can be hard to find a nice spot along the beach to settle down because it gets quite crowded, so just keep this in mind when planning your visit.

You can also consider visiting in the late afternoon during sunset hours as most of the day-trippers would have come and gone by this time.

Because of its west-facing location, it’s low-key one of the best spots to watch the sunset in South Bali.

But no matter when you are visiting or what you are coming for, you won’t be disappointed by all that Pantai Balangan and the surrounding area have to offer.

balangan beach, pantai balangan
Early morning shadows
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Incredible sunset


The Bukit Peninsula boasts many other awesome locations that are worth checking out after visiting Pantai Balangan.

Click Here to see all other points of interest in Uluwatu.

dreamland beach, dreamland beach bali, pantai dreamland, bali dreamland beach, dreamland bali beach
Dreamland Beach Uluwatu


Uluwatu has hundreds of accommodations to choose from so I have narrowed it down to a few of the best places to stay during your visit.

Below you’ll find properties suitable for luxury travelers, budget backpackers, and everyone in between.


Anantara Resort is at the height of luxury, located on the edge of the cliffs in Uluwatu overlooking the ocean.

Features include an infinity pool, fitness center, spa, multiple restaurants, bars, and on-site cultural workshops.

There are many different rooms, suites, and villas on offer to suit everyone’s needs.



Sal Secret Spot is the best place to stay in Uluwatu for travelers on a mid-range budget.

Features include a swimming pool, beautiful gardens, and a restaurant, and it’s located just a few minutes walk to Bingin Beach.

The rooms are spacious and have a terrace, a private bathroom, a minibar, air conditioning, and free Wi-Fi.



Located on the hillside overlooking the ocean, One Degree Sunset Hill is the best hostel in Uluwatu.

This property offers dorm rooms and private rooms, and other features include an infinity pool, a tour desk, and breakfast is included for all guests.


For All Other Places To Stay In Uluwatu, Search on




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